Bringing Smile on Someone's Face

As a true and responsible Indian citizen, TI Infotech provides service to the community through focused endeavors aimed at building a more socially aware and environmentally responsible society. TI Infotech celebrate its commitment to the community with all its professionals offering a day of community service as and when required.

The projects of MUSKAAN is conceived, designed and implemented by TI Infotech professionals, across various levels. The endeavor is to focus on the small acts of kindness that can bring smiles on million faces.

We are a part of our community and are responsible for building it!

Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims

Helping Nepal
Earthquake Victims

The massive earthquake rattled Nepal in April 2015 and transformed the face of the country. It killed more than 8800 people and left many injured and homeless. Disaster happened and the world rose to contribute their bit. We, at TI Infotech also did our bit by raising funds to help the victims of the quake. TI Infotech and its employees contributed towards the help of the treatment, rescue and relief of those caught in the Nepal earthquake by donating money and clothes. We donated the amount collected to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, (PMNRF) for Relief & Rehabilitation in Nepal which was sent to Nepal to help the survivors rebuilt their country. Our heart-felt prayers and support are always with Nepal victims!

Cloth Donation

Cloth Donation

'It's better to donate than accumulate. Your old clothes can be someone's new start'. With this mantra, we organize cloth donation in our organization. A small contribution of ours turns out to be a boon for needy people and brings smiles on their face. Our cloth donation drive is strictly meant for poverty stricken, less fortunate people. TI recently visited Mala Smriti Home, a shelter-home (ashram) for education and development of destitute and underprivileged children. The employees donated clothes and blankets and spent some quality time with them.

Child Welfare


Our endeavor is to facilitate a change for under privileged children. Our goals are to focus on 'education, health & hygiene, life skills, vocational skills and protection from abuse and trafficking' of children from less privileged backgrounds. Here we support charity organizations such as, Armaan, Deepalaya, Goonj, Mala Smriti Home and many more, all contributing to fostering community growth and development of under privileged children. We are also looking at a possibility wherein some of us may visit these NGO'S to impart computer training or we can invite their teachers to our premises and train them so that they can teach children.

Blood Donation

Blood Donation

Blood donation is a voluntary procedure. Every year our nation requires about 4 Crore units of blood, out of which only a meager 40 Lakh units of blood are available. A normal adult have 10 pints of blood in his/her body and 1 pint of blood can save upto 3 lives. We all know the fact that blood cannot be manufactured - it can only come from generous donors. TI Infotech organizes Blood Donation Camp on its Foundation Day as it is the greatest gift one can give to the society.