Application Development

TI Infotech does software application development for various industries. Application development approach encompasses from understanding the actual need to planning the right technology and system Architecture to achieve the desired goal. Rather than just jumping to develop applications, TI Infotech does detail requirement understanding, development to plan the functional and nonfunctional aspects of the application and then to start application development.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce projects involving from various third parties API Integration which is not limited to a Payment Gateway Integration but to extent of integrating various other system as desired to bring in the desired inventory as well.

TI Infotech has experience of delivering various E-commerce platforms for direct consumer and other business scenarios which can cater B2B – Business to Business a closed user group environment as well. Inventory management to load various services, CMS, Sales Rule, reporting and other aspects of an online business delivery has been the core of our software solutions.

Mobile App Development

TI Infotech does Mobile App development for Android and iOS Platforms for various projects. We do the development in core tech and hybrid both as per the need, time and budget of our partners.

Our Mobile Apps are custom developed as per the need for B2C, B2B consumers.

Intelligent Reporting

TI Infotech usages Microsoft Power BI for dashboards for more visually appealing, interactive and customizable reports for business intelligence purposes.

It provides even to the nontechnical business users a handy tool for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data.

DBA Services

We provide DBA services for Oracle, MS SQL and related RDBMS.

Implement and enforce security for the database and manage database users and licenses. Perform ongoing performance tuning of the database instances and support the business/ application users while troubleshoot with problems regarding the databases and related tools.

Oracle Apex development

TI Infotech is a leading development company in India doing development in Oracle APEX. Oracle APEX is the best known application development tool which usages low-code application platform that enables an enterprise to develop a scalable, robust with high class features in shorter time.

Using Oracle APEX, TI Infotech can quickly develop and deploy an application of your need.

Legacy Systems – Support and Migration

Many Organizations have legacy systems from multiple years installed as on-premises system. The issue becomes to manage and support such a system when there is a need of change or to plan to take the system on today’s requirement like migration to Cloud infrastructure.

TI Infotech has helped many organizations in achieving the same after analyzing the technology, database architecture etc. and have delivered a cost-effective solution for such legacy system support and migration requirements.

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