Travel ERP Software - An Ideal Automation Solution for Streamlining the overall Travel Business

Travel ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software which is used by a Travel and Tour Operator to manage their entire business processes and serve their customers more effectively.

TI Infotech is the leading Technology company which has a seamlessly integrated multiple modular software solutions and providing a Travel ERP Software Solution to the Travel and Tourism Industry who can take the benefit to automate and grow their business and keep on adding other modules in future to gain full blown Travel ERP benefit.

Our Travel ERP software is Cloud-based solution and there is no need to have in premise IT Infrastructure for usages.

Key Features of Travel ERP System

Financial Visibility | Credit Controls

Supplier Automation

API + Self contracted Inventory

Multiple Sales Channels Walk-ins, B2B Agency, and Corporates

Various Sales Channels: B2B, B2C, Call centre

Online Booking Engines


Accounting System

travel erp system

Uses of Travel ERP Software

Financial Control of AR and AP

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Inventory Management

Business Operations Automation

Compliance and Regulation

Business Analytics and Forecasting

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Benefits of Travel ERP Software

Being an expert of travel technology TI Infotech offers the solution to bring in various benefits to the Travel and Tourism Companies using the solution.

In depth business visibility

Tracking of Lead vs Business Closures

Automated business processes for increase in employee efficiency

Increased customer service, higher revenues

Option for Multi-Channel Sales

Robust and secured environment

Automated MIS

Online Booking Engines

TI Infotech's Travel ERP solution model

ti travel erp system

Sales CRM Solution

Lakshay - CRM Solution

Lakshya CRM is a complete customer relationship management tool, covers all the aspects of the customer interface to drive profitable business results. Our cloud CRM tool fits best to meet the core business requirements from Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Account Management. Query and business conversion tracking.

CRM - Account Management

Our Sales CRM module handles in detail for each individual contacts. Creation of a Corporate / Individual Account brief and mapping various contacts for each created Accounts. An account can have multiple leads coming via multiple individual contacts.

Contact Management

You can create detailed contact details of any individual with whom you are in dialogue for a business. For example, a contact will have an individual name, phone, email, id, designation etc personal details. You can access all contact details, including important contacts, communication history, and reminders etc.

Lead & Opportunity Tracking

Lead & Opportunity Tracking is a system used to track potential customers, leads, and opportunities. It is used to track the progress of leads and opportunities from initial contact and qualification to closing the sale. An initial discussion or an information of business is captured as Lead and after validation it is converted to opportunity.

LOST & WON Analysis

In this process, you can analyse your opportunities data to identify why a new or an existing customer decides to do (WON) or not do a business (LOST) with your company. Reason for lost to be captured in various formats like high price, product not fit, technology issue any other reason to analyse the reason for losing an opportunity.

In similar way a WON analysis is done to replicate more business coming your ways.

Activity and Meeting Calendar

The Activity and Meeting Calendar is allowing users to manage their customer relationships and meetings. It provides a view to know and plan better when to meet, call back or send a proposal to a customer.

Documents Management

It is very imperative to ensure your sales team usages similar type of documents and collateral to share with your new prospect or customer. Lakshya Sales CRM helps to achieve this company level standard documents to be managed to be used by Individuals.

Sales Tracking

It is a system that helps organizations keep track of customer information, interactions, and sales activities. The sales tracking module of Lakshya CRM can help businesses manage customer data, track customer interactions, and monitor sales performance.

Business Sources Tracking:

Planning a lead source is very important to capture be it online from a website, mail campaign, offline, visiting any event or road show, TV ads etc. Source tracking helps to improvise and better plan the budget spent over a specific activity and business return from that source. This is an important tracking to ensure effective planning of different marketing activities.

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Travel and Tourism Services Operations

Travel Assist

A Comprehensive Tour Management Software that enables an organization to efficiently manage the complete tour cycle from product planning to profitable operations to accounting to MIS suite for all levels of the business.

This application enables a Tour company to manage operations of all business segments; FIT, GIT, Series, Ad hoc, Charters and Excursion Management.


Multiple Services with multi-currency centralised contracting. Manage all your contracted rates for different seasons and files.

Enquiry and Quotations

Generate / Query / Approval of Tour Enquiry, Tour Costing, Tour Files (both for FIT and GIT). Send multiple quotations for a single query. Generate Query vs Quotations vs Won cases analysis.

Suppliers Management

Creation of all kinds of multiple suppliers to manage their contracted rates. Further use them for sending booking confirmation. Suppliers do send their Invoices which are captured in system. Data of Supplier send to Accounting system for Supplier Payments.

Operations Handling

Perform all operations related tasks and generate reports using single screen 'Operation Desktop'. Travel Services Automation for Transfer, Guide, Sightseeing, and other Services, FIT, GIT Tours, Monument and Guides. Complete operation covers from sending XOs to suppliers, Airport Representative Placard printing, Services Delivery, Vehicle planning and Transfer movement chart, Gues services with guides. Guest feedback and departure arrangements.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is very useful for this companies who has multiple owned vehicles. Using fleet management Vehicle, it's maintenance, usages for tour operations and Drivers have an automated approach to handle this complete process.

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DMC Excursion Management

It is an on-field sales automation process that covers all the operational stages of excursion management containing multiple services. We offer an intuitive mobile app for Excursion Module to seamlessly manage the entire excursion.

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Management Information System reports to help evaluate daily activities, make decision, and track progress. Sample of MIS like Market wise and File wise Profitability. Agent Billing, Customer Aging reports with Tour Materialization Ration (Market / Agent wise) and various other analysis.

Financial Data moves to Accounting System

All operational data of booking and cancellation moves to accounting system to handle the Account Receivables and Account Payables.

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Website and Online Booking Engine

Website presence with showing all services are very important. In case the Travel and Tourism company also looking for E-commerce Online Booking Engine then this module called "Travel Cloud Suite" helps to achieve the same.

Travel Cloud Suite - Travel Online Booking Engine

Travel Cloud Suite is a cloud-based software solution, and a complete Travel Technology Solution catering to diverse needs of online travel agencies and travel management companies. The software is designed to make it easier for companies to be able to do online booking of various services like Flight, Hotel, Packages and other services via their own contracted rates and this party API integrated inventories. It covers various sales channels like B2C, B2B, B2E and Mobile Apps.

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Hotel Booking Engine

Our Hotel Booking Engine allows you to access your hotel inventory from multiple sources, including third-party online APIs, your contracted rates, or manual hotel bookings. Additionally, it offers the capability to process booking queries in situations where the hotel is not available online.

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Flight Booking Engine

The ability to make real-time online bookings is crucial. Our flight booking engine integrates with Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), and flight inventory consolidators to display comprehensive flight availability and facilitate real-time bookings.

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Car Rental Booking Engine

Online car rental services are widespread, offering both self-driven and chauffeur-driven options to cater to diverse needs. Our system sources inventories from third-party car rental companies and consolidators, seamlessly integrating them via API to enable real-time searches, selections, and bookings for car rental services.

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Package Booking Engine

Travel packages, which encompass a range of services, can be categorized as either Brochure Packages or Dynamic Packages. A Package Booking Engine is instrumental in presenting comprehensive package itineraries, complete with service details, inclusions, exclusions, and terms and conditions. Customers can make booking decisions based on date and availability. Additionally, we accommodate offline bookings and address customer queries based on their specific requirements.

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Sightseeing / Activity Booking Engine

The terms 'Sightseeing', 'Activities', and 'Tours' are often used interchangeably. Online bookings for activities have surged as customers seek to secure experiences during their available free time. Moreover, online booking engines offer the flexibility to choose activities tailored to individual preferences. Dynamic packages also allow customers to select activities of their choice at the time of booking.

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Cruise Booking Engine

Cruises are typically associated with luxury travel services, but in recent times, affordable options for shorter cruise experiences have become available. Having a Cruise Booking Engine is essential, allowing customers to explore various options, services, and pricing in real time, enabling them to plan and book their dream cruise accordingly.

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Transfers Booking System

Real-time booking engines play a crucial role in facilitating transfer bookings. Transfer bookings are typically point-to-point, with a primary focus on airport-to-hotel and vice versa reservations. Zone-based bookings further expand this to include options like residence or office locations as points of interest. Our Transfer Booking Engine is designed to enable real-time bookings for such transportation requirements.

Insurance Services

Booking insurance has become a necessity, especially when embarking on international journeys or even when taking domestic flights or trains. It is highly advisable to secure travel insurance along with your booking. TI Infotech offers an Insurance Booking Engine that can be used in conjunction with flight services or as a standalone solution.

Online Sales Channel

TCS Mid Office

This system is employed for internal staff and agents who make bookings on behalf of B2B Travel Agencies, B2B/B2E Corporates, walk-in consumers, or help individual bookers on the B2C website or through a mobile app. The Mid Office also serves as a control and management centre for overseeing internal staff, branches, services, supplier commissions, sales markups, and invoices, among other functions.

B2C End Consumer Site

A B2C Booking Engine is a software platform that empowers businesses to accept direct bookings via their website or mobile app. B2C Booking Engines offer businesses a user-friendly method to showcase their services to end consumers, allowing them to check various offerings such as flights, hotels, transfers, packages, and complete booking after paying online using payment gateways.

B2B Travel Agency Booing Engine

The B2B booking engine plays a crucial role in the travel industry, especially when services need to be booked within a B2B closed user groups. B2B Travel Agencies commonly employ this system for online bookings when they may not have the resources to develop their own system. Additionally, B2B systems offer the flexibility of White Label and B2B2C White Label solutions.

B2B / B2E CSBT - Corporate Self Booking Tool

Engaging in B2B relationships with corporate companies has consistently been the favoured choice, primarily for flight and hotel services. These key services are complemented by additional offerings such as transfers, visa assistance, and insurance. A travel and tourism company can enhance its efficiency by providing Corporate Self-Booking Tools to its corporate clientele, offering them access to agreed-upon contractual rates.

B2C and B2B Travel Mobile Apps

A mobile app holds equal significance for the travel and tourism industry, just as it does for other sectors. It simplifies the process for end users, whether they are B2C mobile app users, B2B agencies, or corporate clients, making it convenient for them to search, choose, and make bookings while on the go.

MICE Automation

MICE - Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions:

A MICE solution comprises a blend of diverse business automation components that encompass sales, order closure, MICE operations, the creation of specialized event websites for MICE, guest registration, mobile apps, and other intricacies of service operations. MICE software is crafted to assist event organizers and planners in efficiently overseeing every facet of their events, from initial planning to seamless execution.

MICE Guest Registration & Admin Portal:

The MICE Guest Registration & Administrative Portal is crafted to streamline the guest data collection process, making it easy for guests to access comprehensive itineraries, explore and reserve Pre and post-tour options, submit personal details such as passport, insurance, and visa information. Guest can further download flight tickets, hotel vouchers, program itineraries, and relevant information.

MICE Mobile App:

The MICE Mobile App allows for the sending of event-specific messages, conducting real-time voting on specific topics, gathering feedback, viewing itineraries, and sending SOS messages in case of being lost during the tour, and more.

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Third Party API / XML Integration

Third-party APIs play a crucial role in the Travel and Tourism sector because it's not always feasible to individually contract and oversee all services. Numerous global suppliers offer a wide range of services, including GDS, LCC, flights, hotels, transfers, and more. These APIs enable real-time access to inventories and immediate bookings. Below are some of the common third-party APIs frequently integrated by Travel and Tourism companies to enhance their service offerings:

Flight API Integration

Hotel API Integrations

Sightseeing API Integration

Packages API Integration

Transfers API Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

WhatsApp API Integration

Bus, Train, Cruise, VISA, Insurance, Payment Gateways etc. services are also used as required using API Integration

Inventory Management and Extranet Solutions

Travel and Tourism companies maintain their exclusive inventory for various services, intending to market them alongside third-party APIs-supplied inventory. TI Infotech offers a solution that empowers its customers to efficiently handle and promote their proprietary inventory. This inventory can be managed either directly by their in-house staff or external suppliers via an Extranet.

Hotel Contracting Extranet

Brochure Packages Extranet

Sightseeing Extranet

Transfers Services Extranet

Financial Accounting System

Act Assist - Financial Account System

The Act Assist Cloud accounting software is a web-based application designed to assist businesses in meeting their comprehensive financial automation needs. It serves as a comprehensive financial accounting system, effectively managing functions such as the General Ledger, Account Receivables (AR), and Accounts Payable (AP), as well as Bank Reconciliation.

Act Assist offers a range of standard accounting reports, including Trial Balance, Bank Book, Cash Book, Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet.

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Ratings and Feedback Solutions

Hotel Reviews and Ratings

TI Infotech offers Hotel Ratings through the integration of third-party APIs. This feature assists Travel and Tour companies in providing comprehensive information about hotel properties to their customers, facilitating the hotel selection process. Additionally, it includes in-depth individual reviews covering various aspects such as location, cleanliness, service, value, and more.

Feedback Module

Customer feedback is of paramount importance for ensuring the ongoing enhancement of services. TI Infotech offers an automated feedback system to gather feedback from customers who have utilized the services of the Travel and Tourism company. This feature empowers our customers to consistently uphold and enhance their service excellence.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Business Intelligence Analytics delivers quicker and more intelligent insights by examining data from multiple sources, enabling the prediction and execution of actionable recommendations. The Travel and Tourism industry is rich in data sources that can be harnessed for improved predictive analysis.

MIS Reports

In aiding business operations, the Management Information System (MIS) plays a pivotal role as it serves as a primary source of data for analysis. Our MIS system simplifies the process of downloading data in a variety of file formats.

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Travel ERP Tools

TI Travel ERP incorporates a range of tools to enable supplementary features that are vital for augmenting its comprehensive offerings:

CMS Content Management System

The TI Travel ERP system features multiple interfaces that employ a diverse range of content to enhance and clarify its service offerings. This includes itineraries, static pages, and promotional materials, all effectively managed through the Content Management System.

Multilingual Capabilities

The TI Travel ERP System is backed by a dynamic multilingual capability, empowering customers to independently manage content in various languages.

Hotel de dupe / Mapping Solution

When using an Online Hotel Booking Engine that sources inventory from multiple third-party API suppliers and consolidators, hotels may appear multiple times. To address this issue, it's crucial to employ Hotel Deduplication solutions to display unique hotel names. Additionally, room mapping is implemented to prevent the display of duplicate room listings.

IT Infrastructure Solution

TI Travel ERP is backed by a top-tier IT infrastructure that offers an array of services. Our customers can harness TI Infotech's IT infrastructure solutions for their various needs. Some of our primary IT infrastructure services include:

Why Choose Our Travel ERP Software

There are several reasons to choose TI Infotech as best ERP Software Provider. TI Infotech offers a comprehensive Travel ERP Software solution that helps travel agents, tour operators, and other travel companies streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase profits. Our travel ERP software is designed to improve operational efficiency, streamline processes, and provide a seamless user experience. Our software allows you to manage your entire travel business from an automated platform.

Seamless Integrated ERP

Real Time Data & Information

Streamlined Operations

Scalability and Flexibility

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Financial Management Made Easy

Improved Customer Service

24Hours Remote Support

Supported by highly experienced Techno functional Consultants with Domain expertise

Seamless Integrated ERP

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